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Compliance, efficiency and safety in dangerous goods transport

Maritime Cargo Processing

Maritime Cargo Processing plc (MCP) is a leading port community systems specialist, working with ports and terminals, shipping lines, logistics operators and Government agencies to improve operational efficiency. MCP has worked in pioneering partnerships across the world, in both the public and private sector.Destin 8logo -transparent _resized

MCP are one of the founder members of the European Port Community Systems Association (EPCSA) whose mission is to influence public policy in the European Union in order to achieve e-logistics throughout all European ports, operating as a key element of the EU maritime, shipping and logistics industry.

Exis Technologies has worked with MCP since 1988 to deliver dangerous goods management and processing capabilities in community systems for major UK and international port and terminal operators. MCP integrates  Hazcheck Toolkits into their Destin8 System.